About the Dutch garment and textile sector

The Dutch garment and textile sector is a €20 billion sector offering employment to 100,000 people in the Netherlands and 60,000 people in other countries working under contract to Dutch companies.
Garments – consisting of consumer garments (40%), sportswear (5%) and work wear (5%) – account for approximately half the turnover in the Dutch textile and garment sector. The other half of the sector is equally divided between home textiles (25%), including carpets and furniture, and technical textiles (25%). 

Non-Dutch enterprises operating in the Dutch market account for approximately half of all garment sales. Trading and production companies, many of which are members of the three Dutch industry associations, generate most of the sales. A small but growing proportion of sales can be attributed to enterprises whose main activities are not trading in or manufacturing textiles and garments, e.g. supermarkets. 

The garment and textile sector has a long history in the Netherlands, with Leiden, Twente and Brabant as the main regional hubs. Although some production still takes place in the Netherlands, most garments and textiles are produced outside the country and the European Union.