Responsibility to the COVID-19 crisis

Assessment Framework

  • Assessment Framework (pdf)
    Companies that signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile have to meet a number of requirements. The Assessment Framework lists how they should do this.
  • Due diligence questionnaire (xlsx)
    The full questionnaire from Appendix 1 of the Assessment Framework as Excel file.

Transparency & communication

Recovery & Story

Water, energy & chemicals

  • Wet processing guidebook
    This guidebook has been drawn up by Solidaridad in collaboration with the AGT. It gives companies practical tools on how to map the so-called wet processes, including the coloring, printing and treatment of textiles, and how to significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

Annual Report

Other annual reports

Other publications

  • OESO alignment assessment
    The OECD carried out an alignment assessment on the extent to which the working method of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Clothing and Textile corresponds to its guidelines for the garment and footwear sector. The Agreement has formulated a response to on this assessment.
  • Agreement Sustainable Garment en Textile (pdf)
    Read the entire agreement.